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Friday, September 11, 2009

Frugal Friday: Cut the Cable

One of the best things we have done was to get rid of cable TV. It saved us lots of money and an added benefit was more time to do more productive things as well more time to spend with the family. I get so much more done now and have more time for bible study, reading good books, exercising, all those things I never thought I had time for.When we had cable I was addicted to it. It always had to be on and I would just watch stupid stuff. We do have netflix and my husband hooked a computer up to our TV so we can still watch it but it is considerably less TV time than before and way fewer commercials. I was at my moms the other day and the TV was on and the commercial we so annoying I could hardly stand it.

It seems like our whole society is addicted to TV! They are everywhere now; in restaurants, waiting rooms, walmart, hospital cafeterias. My husband was recently in the hospital and there were at least 4 TVs in the cafeteria. I couldn't even eat in there. No wonder everyone is stressed all the time. Its probably over stimulation from all the noise around us all the time. I have so learned to appreciate quiet now and have to have it.

So cutting the cable frees up money and time. I don't know about ya'll but I need all the extra money and time I can get.


Dawn said...

I agree 1000% percent! A year ago we signed up for the "triple package" meaning phone internet and cable. A few months ago we decided to cancel everything but our basic internet package. We are saving at least $100 a month. Hulu is a great sight to watch TV online. We also have netflix and sometimes watch a movie online on their instant streaming if we get really bored. Canceling cable was the best thing we ever did!

Michelle said...


I hate the commercials too...the worst is if you have little ones...they can't even be in the room. You know Jeff (or whomever) will be watching a football game and the SLEAZY commercials that come on...with little boys EVERYWHERE watching that...UGH! Jeff turns it off. But everyone doesnt it.

How did DH hook the computer to the TV? that would probably help me LOTS to be able to watch survivor. Are you a fan of that show?

Your blog looks great! I'm proud of you!